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Varenr.: GSC1

G LAB GSC-1 Guitar Control System

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Pris med rabat: kr. 740,00
Pris: kr. 740,00
Pris uden moms: kr. 740,00
Pris: kr. 740,00

Polske G LAB har fået et stort navn med deres fede produkter - herunder GSC-1 Guitar System Controller, som kan styre pedaler, rackeffekter via midi, ampswitching med mere.  Næsten ikke brugt, som ny, mint condition - og inclusive Wah-pad ! (Ny-pris 3.000 kr)


G-LAB GSC-1 Guitar System Controller · Little Helper

The functions of the G-lab GSC-1 are diverse and a welcome relief for the management of complex set-ups.
  • Four loops for connecting effect pedals
  • Four 9 volt connections
  • A module for changing the volume
  • Two switching outputs for amp switching
  • MIDI
  • Five foot switches to select up to 30 presets
  • A footswitch with freely definable function (back to the used Bank, Volume Change, Mute)

Wah Pad

  • To be used exclusively in conjunction with the G-Lab GSC
  • A wah pad pedal switches to the effect thomann path by pressing the pedal and thus takes the wah only in the signal path when it is used
  • The connection is made via the "LINK" input on the GSC

Basic characteristics GSC-1

  • high impedance input (identical with a tube amp characteristics) based on FET transistor
  • independent guitar’s TUNER output with the silent tuning function
  • four loops for connecting single effect pedals (stomp boxes) or serially connected stomp boxes) with skipping (relay bypassing) switched off effects
  • four outputs 9V DC supplying effect pedals (totally max. 160 mA with overloading indication)
  • volume change module (full or lowered defined by the analog knob) to apply in the solo/background playing mode
  • 2 outputs (2 lines each, latching type) for amp's switching by footswitch input
  • MIDI output setting the program No. of e.g. an effects’ processor (giving possibility to control independently two MIDI units by one of their THRU outputs)
  • 5 footswitches to select presets (6 banks with 5 presets each)
  • 1 footswitch with a definable function (choice: loops direct switching mode, switching to the previous bank, changing the volume or MUTE)
  • very silent footswitches (backlighted)
  • LINK connector for connecting the second GSC device to form a set with double possibilities (working in two modes: "remote" or "nearby")
  • a possibility to connect a wah-wah effect pad (wah-pad) to control the system by placing foot on it
  • the main signal output giving possibility to connect parallely several amps using a long cable (10 meters) without signal quality loss
  • massive powder coated casing and durable switches material
  • external power supply with a long ( 3,5 meters) and flexible cable which eliminates a power supply presence on the floor and provides increased safety level.

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